November 12th, 2006


HalfLife. I'm Still Seeing Breen

Let me read a letter I recently received. 'Dear Dr. Breen. Why has the Combine seen fit to suppress our reproductive cycle? Sincerely, a concerned citizen.'

Thank you for writing, Concerned. Of course your question touches on one of the basic biological impulses, with all its associated hopes and fears for the future of the species.

I also detect some unspoken questions. Do our benefactors really know what's best for us? Will they ever deactivate the suppression field and let us breed again? What gives them the right to make this kind of decision for mankind?

Breaking Benjamin - So Cold

Crowded streets are cleared away, one by one
Hollow heroes seperate, as they run

You're so cold keep your
Hand in mine
Wise men wonder while
Strong men die
Show me how we end this alright
Show me how defenseless you really are
Satisfied and empty inside
That's alright, let's give this another try
If you find your family, don't you cry
In this land of make-believe, dead and dry

You're so cold, but you
Feel alive
Lay your hands on me
One last time

[Chorus x2]
It's alright [x9]

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